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Online Branding

online branding SEO expert australia


Online Branding - SEO Experts Sydney Australia

Tech Consultants can help you build your online brand awareness by designing and developing your Online Branding Strategy. Most business gurus recommend that you should live and breathe your goods and services. Our SEO experts play a crucial role in solving on-page and off-page SEO demands.

In the online world, your voice and tone are crucial to determine your online market positioning. So careful and measured keyword selection is essential, competitor analysis, best practice adherence, and online posting when and where it will showcase your brand personality best, matters most. So before you start your SEO project, contact us to discuss the planning and strategy.

Consultant advice

Book my consultancy service for better strategic planning and liaising on behalf of you.

Priya Mishra

CTO and Director

Priyam Mishra

Priya Mishra

CTO and Director

Priyambada is a highly confident public speaker capable of effective presentations on a vast variety of complex subjects.Priyambada is highly proficient in risk analysis, application architecture, estimation and collaboration. Clients can confirm that she will always successfully achieve deliverables of complex projects.

Among her clients and her co-workers she is known as the most effective and affirmed consultant in productive relationships with partners and customers.

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Decision Making

Demographics is one key factor in branding.

Building your brand in and around the local community, at city, state, and global levels, determines the online planning and strategy, it indicates the level of challenge that needs to be met. You need to effectively determine the precedence before branding begins at local, national and international levels.


Competitor Analysis

Who are your competitors? What are they doing now? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What makes your brand different?
You might want to find the answer now.
Why not start now by finding out how to sell your products differently and setting yourself apart from the crowd. Answer the crucial question, why should your customers buy from you instead of your competitors

Build your Identity

Build your Identity

Building a brand online is not just a matter of having a logo and a nice looking webpage. You need to define the message you need to send across to your customers and audiences. Be unique, so build a unique selling proposition (USP). Active promotion on social media, local marketing positioning, etc, all counts. So let people know your business better in both digital and physical spaces.


Is your website ready? Is it responsive and SEO friendly? If not think about it because this is the first step.


Social Media

We all know social media is important these day to spread your word so build your profile if you have not yet created.



Now the question occures how consistence you are and what if the professional level on your posting? We will to find out.


Video Marketing

Did you think about leveraging the video marketing? Don't forget the popularity of youtube and Vimeo.


Build, Optimize, Track and protect your Brand

Build, Optimize, Track and protect your Brand

We will help you get a domain name, build, and host a high quality website..
Connect with social media, optimise for search engines, track traffic, visits and recommend measures to protect your brand.


Effective ways of Online branding

Making an online presence is more than just capturing the target audience’s attention.
Keeping in mind the challenge is on how to achieve and maximise the awareness are important steps.

  • Build your website and logo
  • Book your SEO friendly domain name
  • Acquire superior hosting service
  • Build a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • On-page and Off-page SEO, Local SEO, SEM and PPC
  • Professional social media content management and engagement
  • YouTube Video marketing
  • Infographics, Blog and Blog posting
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Build your key massege
  • Copyright protection for your trademark, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions
  • Tell your brand story and case study stories

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Is your business local, or do you want to go global?
We’ll optimise your website for major search engines.
We’ll help you decide and implement SEO techniques that give you results.
Our reports will keep you posted wherever you are.
We provide keywords rankings in SERP, Google Analytics Traffic and detailed SEO Reports.


Search Engine Marketting

Search Engine Marketting

Do you want to increase your brand recognition?
Do you want good demographics data?
Don’t want to make spend cash on ineffective mass ads?
We’ll give you an efficient search engine marketing strategy.


Social Media Marketting strategy

Social Media Marketting strategy

When you want your brand to stand out and be remembered, you must be aware of the power and influence of social media. We’ve prepared cutting-edge packages for building brand awareness via social media!
We can help you with social media marketing strategies, creating social media business badges and managing your social media pages.



In the world of tough growing competition you must find a way to be different, to appeal. SEO drives targeted traffic to your website. There is countless number of ways to generate traffic, but often times the actual visitors are not targeted, thus reducing your conversion rate. Developing an effective search engine optimization and positioning strategy is a deciding factor for a website to achieve top ranking in the search engine position and fulfill the desired objectives.

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