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Consultancy solutions

Tech consultants have complete facilities to provide personalised consultancy services including feasibility studies, evaluations validation of concepts and markets, e-commerce solutions social media branding and promotion SCO and SEM strategies etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements without obligation.


Consultant advice

Book my consultancy service for better strategic planning and liaising on behalf of you.

Priya Mishra

CTO and Director

Priyam Mishra

Priya Mishra

CTO and Director

Priyambada is a highly confident public speaker capable of effective presentations on a vast variety of complex subjects.Priyambada is highly proficient in risk analysis, application architecture, estimation and collaboration. Clients can confirm that she will always successfully achieve deliverables of complex projects.

Among her clients and her co-workers she is known as the most effective and affirmed consultant in productive relationships with partners and customers.

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Tech consultants will provide a complete high-quality and professional service matched to the requirements and preferences of our clients. We offer full consultative services utilising the full strengths and experience of our team of IT experts.


Tech consultants offer and provide strategic partnerships including IT responsibility including full integration and liaison with your existing IT department.


Quality and performance are foremost in the products and services Tech consultants produce for their clients, our team of technical testing experts will ensure that the highest levels of quality and performance are always delivered.

Customer experience

Techcons offers customers the most compelling experience if possible.



we talk to the client on there individual requirement and offers very focusd solution customized for clients.



Customer satisfaction is important and getting lead from referal is the strongest marketting strategy.



Security is important and we value your privacy we keep your data as safe as possible.


Build, Optimize, Track and protect your Brand

Tech consultants your key to success

Tech consultants we believe in fast and pragmatic action to provide high quality products and services to our clients. We offer a complete package including planning, time management, improved strategies and high-quality results to ensure our products are a major key in your company success.


Focused Software Consultancy

Tech consultants are proud to supply a complete focused beginning to end solution utilising our software consultancy service. Starting with categorised lists of your company's requirements we progress to design, develop and test the complete package up to and including your acceptance. We provide a full one stop service.

  • Customised Industrial solutions
  • Small Business Solution Pack
  • Client Server application
  • Web and E-commerce
  • Multi-Media application
  • Project Maintenance
  • Product customisation
  • Object Orinted Programming
  • Component based Solution
  • Integration Project
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Middle layer Development

Solving challenges

In this fast-moving age challenges are part of everyday business. Tech consultants team of experts can provide extensive experience in recognising and solving challenges. Using our past experience and extensive IT knowledge we can achieve your goals quickly and cost efficiently. Our team are available to provide support at every level. By recognising and solving challenges your company can increase productivity and stability in this modern environment.


The value of time

The old adage, time is money has never been more true. In this modern business age time is cost. With this simple but powerful concept clearly and fully embedded into our company procedures Tech consultants work in a dynamic and collaborative environment to ensure we produce our services and products in the most effective and efficient manner, providing you with products and services in a timely manner and at an acceptable investment cost.


Tech Consultants' Corporate Culture

Tech consultants provide complete professional maintenance and support services to their clients. Our certified IT professionals bring a blend of extensive knowledge and corporate level professionalism to every support -service task. As professional maintenance and support service specialists we fully understand our clients' needs and we provide both the highest level of maintenance and the ability to ensure your products and systems are updated to use the very latest and future technology available as part of our package.

Software solution

Service based on Integrity, at Tech consultants, the concept of integrity is the very basis of our business. We believe that when decisions and agreements are produced they should be adhered to completely. We offer our consultancy services to clients based on their requirements and needs and we are proud to confirm that we produce the needed systems and services as per our agreements. The specific skills of our teams are clearly focused around open source and Java languages. To receive more details of the extensive services on offer please don't hesitate to contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

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